Design your link in bio with a free account

Created on 4 March, 2023Video Tutoriales • 892 views • 1 minutes read

1.- How to design your first microweb (english subtitles)

In this tutorial, you will see the entire process of creating a bio link and micro website for a pizzeria, in just minutes and just one image:

  • Creating personalized link (URL) that you can modify at any time;
  • Choice of your microweb fund
  • Tags tags, SEO text and keywords
  • Favico and Opengraph images
  • Add content to your microweb
  • Add an avatar/logo
  • Create a button to receive messages by WhatsApp
  • Create a Google Maps location button
  • Color customization for buttons and texts
  • Duplicate a button and modify it quickly
  • Remove content
  • Add images and transform them into links
  • Add a button linking to a menu made in Canva
  • View statistics from each button and visits to your microweb

The platform is easy to use and no design or programming knowledge is required to create an impressive and functional website. You have all the tools to achieve a professional and personalized design for your brand or business.

In addition, the generated pages use a responsible web template for mobile devices, which is currently essential since most people navigate the Internet through their mobile phones.

It begins right now to create a link in Bio and micro professional website, without the need to hire a designer or programmer.

Are you ready to start?