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New System Update v23.07.20

Created on 21 July, 2023System • 322 views

System update v23.07.20

  • New: System notifications (get the latest notifications about system updates)
  • New: set fixed or slider position as background for microwebs.
  • New: The ability to customize the block shadows of all blocks that support borders.
  • New: New QR code styles: Heart, Diamond.
  • New: New Inner Eye/Outer Eye styles QR: Diamond, Flower, Leaf, Circle, Rounded.
  • New: now you will find pre-designed "Templates"
  • New: "Big Link" content block
  • New: "Alerts" block to be able to highlight messages to your microweb visitors
  • New: "Timeline" block
  • New: "Typeform" content block
  • New: "Markdown Text" content block
  • New: "PDF" content block
  • New: "TikTok profile" content block
  • New: "Pinterest profile" content block
  • New: "Twitter profile" content block
  • New: "Rumble Embed" content block
  • Improvement: background for paragraph block. Further customize your text paragraphs.
  • Improvement – Implemented the ability to set the image position for the Avatar.
  • Improvement: Preview was redesigned (in the Content section of your Microweb) including a loading animation.
  • Improvement: Improved API documentation pages with a code marker.
  • Enhancement: New layout of the checkout block checkout page for your guests.
  • Enhancement: "Verified Microweb" badge redesign
  • Improvement: When duplicating a content block, it is created below the original, instead of at the end.
  • Improvement: System-wide code optimization and cleanup for faster and smoother navigation.