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New video-tutorial: Design a micro website in minutes with just an image

Created on 4 March, 2023System • 434 views

It has subtitles in Spanish🇪🇸, Portuguese🇧🇷 and English🇬🇧

The year 2023 started with everything! 🚀

We launch this new video tutorial where we show you the first steps to have a micro web page optimized for mobiles.

In 15 minutes you will see everything you need to design your link in bio and website for an example pizzeria, with a button to receive messages by WhatsApp, a button with a location on Google maps and even a menu with prices designed in

The challenge we set ourselves was to design this page and everything you need to start your online business, with just a logo image of 500 x 500 pixels. The image is "square" so we can use a "Round" type of Avatar... but you better learn it in the video!

👉We invite you to watch the video-tutorial and subscribe to the Youtube channel